2017 will be…


Everybody says: ‘Let’s start 2017 great’. I want to start my first blog in 2017 with a new chapter. I want to write my posts in English from now on. It’s a good practice for me and I can speak to a larger group of people. Somewhere this month I also want to renew my blog. So keep watching my blog for all those updates.


I like to start the year with a new haircut. Just like last year, when I went from long hair to shoulder long hair. And now..

Before                                               After

2016                                                    2017


The sad thing about 2017 is that my boyfriend has a VATS operation on Wednesday. His right lung collapsed in December. Because of that we celebrated new year very quiet together. We played some games, drank champagne and watched the fireworks on the rooftop and through the window.


So, from the fourth of January my boyfriend lies in the hospital for two weeks and after that he has to recover for 3 months. In the first 2 months I still have a fulltime job in Amsterdam. It will be hard taking care of my boyfriend and work. Sorry to all my friends that I won’t be able to see them as much! But ofcourse I already planned some things with friends.

  • Finally seeing the lovely pregnant Melissa!! Girls day!!
  • With my roomie Rowan & bestfriend Ginny to the cinema!! ‘Onze Jongens’ here we come! This is gonna be so much fun.
  • Celebrate the 25th birthday of my friend Shachar.

Some other awesome plans for this month:

  • – My graduation (finally after 6 months of waiting)
  • – My little sister is back from Curacao! Back to the cold Netherlands.


Yeahh, finally it’s January! I work as a production assistant for Flare Media International. Flare Media is a TV concept company in the Benelux. Our focus is on a dynamic mix of television and internet content. I’m working on 5 awesome and such different formats. If you are curious go to Flare Media International on Facebook and like our page and I will keep you posted on everything I’m working on. So excited!








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