Graduation day


Last week was finally my graduation day after 6 months. My grade was better than expected. I graduated my thesis with a 7,2! Too bad I had to wait 6 months before my school organized the graduation day.

Now I officially signed my papers and have my bachelor of arts.

With happiness, I can leave this awfull school behind. I was really excited what the school would do for the graduation. I studied Media and Entertainment Management. I didn’t see any aspect of entertainment at our graduation. Yes, a girl and a boy sang a song. But it wasn’t a happy song. It was a really sad song. In my opinion not the right song for a graduation. It has to be a party, and that wasn’t it by far! You should think that if you educated students in events, planning and entertainment you also see something of that during your graduation.

They also had some technological problems for a skype conversation with an old student. Then I really think, seriously! How hard is it to do proper preparation.

They also had a powerpoint presentation with all the graduated names on it. That’s all. Nothing about the thesis they did. Nothing.

My boyfriend had his operation on 4th of January but by miracle recovered really soon and was a part of my graduation. Lucky me!


I didn’t choose for a dress but for pants with a blouse. Classy but not over the top.

Pants: Sting
Shirt: tailored by Misura
shoes: Antony Morato

Pants: Loavies
Heels: Forever 21
Blouse: River Island




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