Date night with my love


This weekend my boyfriend took me to Holland Casino in Rotterdam. As a present for my graduation, I got this date night and €100,- euro to spend together. Every time we go to Holland Casino we share our money even if we lose. We win together or we lose together. Lucky we only lost one time. The rest of the times we won at least something. Sometimes a lot and sometimes just a little bit.

This time we started with €100,- euros and ended with €470,- euros. We won almost €400,-!! We always play te same games: Roulette, Black Jack and a ‘lucky wheel’ kind of thing.image8

The longer you stay, the more you lose. The good thing is that we couldn’t go very long because of my boyfriend’s previous operation. He only can walk short amounts and can’t stand too long. Luckily there are a lot of chairs around the game tables.

But of course, I wanted to dress up for this date night. I doubted if this outfit is too much for Holland Casino. I love this new metallic trend and have it in Champagne and Silver. You maybe saw my Champagne skirt in this blogpost: Champagne skirt 

What kind of jacket would you wear for this look? I chose for a black fake fur jacket.

I really like your guy’s opinion, so share it with me. Do you like this outfit?

Yes or No!




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