Games, fashion and the mancave!


This weekend my brother turned 28. He is my older brother and moved to Hillegom with his girlfriend. It was a housewarming and birthday party in one.

He has his own mancave. So awesome and really in his style. He made his own furniture for this room.

He made a loveseat and lights with snowboards and other winter sport stuff. So proud of my brother he made this!


Normally we don’t play games very often in my family, but this weekend we did. My brother bought a game that everybody saw on the internet. It’s a really stupid game but so funny.

My brother, my boyfriend, my little sister and me participated in this game. I am the only one that didn’t lose. Thank god for that!



For this day I chose for a casual look with a little touch. Simply black jeans and a white shirt. But for a little bit more spice, I wear it with a belt.

Shirt + belt: Bershka
Pants: Only
Heels: River Island
Lipstick: Kylie Lipkit

This look you often see by the Kardashians or the Geordies.


Kylie Jenner


Marnie Simpson

Would you wear this?




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