Let’s celebrate Carnival!


Is everybody ready for this weekend? I Am! Let’s celebrate ‘Carnival’! My boyfriend booked a hotel in Breda for Friday and Saturday. Friday my little sister comes to us and then we meet friends in Breda. Saturday, we see my sister in law and her boyfriend. This is the first time, all of them celebrate Carnival. So that is really exciting!

It’s always a journey to find the perfect outfit. You don’t want to wear the same outfit as every year. I really wanted to have 2 outfits for this weekend. I already had one awesome outfit, but that one I couldn’t find anymore. So, I just ordered a new one. I really like that the outfit is so colourful. Normally I don’t wear so much colour. I keep myself to the basic but now it’s Carnival and nothing is wrong. Besides nothing is wrong if you see what my boyfriend ordered. It’s so horrible. I will stand meters from him away. But that is also why I love him. He doesn’t give a damn how weird he can be.

This is what we would wear on the second day. The first day we have a couples costume. We are both Baywatch lifeguards. No, I am not going to wear a swimsuit. Are you crazy! Way to cold. My sister has the most funny and sexy costume. Never seen this clown costume before, so jealous!

Who is also going to celebrate Carnival? And where can we find you? We don’t know which club we want to go in Breda. So, if you have any tips, let us know!

Thanks to the shops: Uwantisell, SaWear and Feest Bazaar.

With love,





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